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    Alu's Gm App



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    Alu's Gm App

    Post  Jinxman2 on Sat May 07, 2011 1:33 am

    In-Game Name: Alu


    Age: 18

    When I Can Be On:Anytime during the day and normally anytime during the night

    GM Spot: any gm rank that's open

    Why I Want To Be GM: Because i notice there are times when people need a gms help but there are none on at the time and i normally try to help them and i think that if i was a gm i could help more

    GM Experience: I was co main owner/Host of Bleach curse of the shinigami,Amber can vouch for that and i am currently co main owner/Host of Naruto battle of two legends,Amber can also vouch for that and i have been a gm on many past games.

    How I Could Help: I could help the players when there are no other gms on and also i can answer most questions about the game and such.

    Can you code, GFX, Icon map:I can kinda code and icon.

    How many games have you done this for:2

    Name them:Bleach curse of the shinigami,Naruto battle of two legends

    What experiences do you have with BMON:i have played the game for awhile now and i know a little bit about the game

    Do you know any GM's if so who:Amber,Fushi,Byakuran,Keak,Ultima.

    Why do you want to be apart of Falcon productions: Because i think the game is fun and i would like to help make it better in anyway that i can.

    Are you loyal:I think i am ,but i will leave that up to you.

    Contact info:If you need to contact me at anytime just Email me at
    Thank you for looking at My App

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