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    Dante's GM Application



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    Dante's GM Application

    Post  Dante on Mon May 10, 2010 8:24 am

    n-Game Name: Dante


    Age: 14

    When I Can Be On: Anytime I'm Not In School.

    GM Spot: If Any Spots GM4+ Please.

    Why I Want To Be GM: To Help The Players In Anyway Possible That I'm Actually Allowed To Do. To Stop The Inconsiderate Players Who Talk Down On People By Mute, Boot, Ban, Etc. But Before I Do That I Give Them A Chance.

    GM Experience: Well I Am Owner On Resident Evil Online 3/4 And Was Co-Owner On A Naruto Game For 2 Days, Then It Got Shut Down.

    How I Could Help: Well I'm Usually Nice To Everyone, So I Could Make People Happier. Plus I Like To Help People When They Have Problems.

    I Don't Know What Else To Put. So Thanks For Looking At My Application, And I Hope I Can Become A GM.

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