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    Xemnas's GM app



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    Xemnas's GM app

    Post  vordemort9 on Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:16 pm

    Game Name-Xemnas

    Byond Key-Vordemort9

    What position you are trying to get (check GM list for open positions)- GM or Admin

    How long do you play for a day- it depends but 2 hrs or higher


    Paragraph of why you want to be gm- I would love to be GM because i am experinced and I know that the players will need help by a higher authority and this game is really awesome and i will follow orders to best of ability.

    List Experiences (Game name and Rank)- Bleach Kurokaji(owner), Bleach Life and Death(lvl 4), Naruto Kakashi Gaiden(lvl 5)

    I hope that you condiser me and thanks for reading

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