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    Zeons App for gm PLZ choose me



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    Zeons App for gm PLZ choose me

    Post  Zeon on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:03 pm

    InGame Name: Zeon Jr
    Byond Key: Kane Azura.Jr
    Age: 13
    GameMaster Position: Any just about
    How often are I am online:8+hours
    On for only a bit like 5hours on special days like christmas day and new years eve.
    Why you should pick me:I haven't had many experinces but once when Dragon Ball Dark Acolpyse started i was a headadmin/co-host. And Naruto Supreme Shadow Gm lvl 4.I am a very nice person and i will obey all the rule.I want to really help out the Bleach:Memories of Nobody Game.

    Zeon Jr

    ---------Thank You---------

    ---------Contact Me At lol!

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