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    Nakamura GM APP



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    Nakamura GM APP

    Post  brandenman on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:01 am

    Hi GM's and Owner Frantzy

    In Game Name: Nakamura

    Sex: Male

    GM Experience: I Have been GM ON DBZ Game For A Day.

    Way of contacting me (MSN) (Xbox live)

    My msn:

    My Xbox live: branden kills66

    Why i want to be a GM: I want to be a GM so I can Help People And I want To Be A GM Cause I Em On This Game Every day So I can help out a lot of the time..
    sorry but on week days i might not be on for the hole day cause i got school but i will be on most of the time trying to help..

    What I Can Do to help: I will enforce the rules and i will make shier all trouble is not in the game i will mute bane boot and jail if their is that verb and to let u know i give 1 or 2 warnings to give them a chance to change..

    How Will I Help Make The Game A Better Place: I would make shier that all the mean and annoying players would get a mute boot or bane i would warn them but if they don't Listen They would got punished i would try to make them a better player if i can change them but if not. and they keep breaking the rules i would punish them.

    So Thank you Very Very Much for reading my app

    even as I'm not a GM right Now Ill do My best To help.

    I Em The Vaizard Leader So i Will be trying my Hardest to make GM

    Thank you..

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