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    Ichigo's GM Application


    Ichigo Kurosaki

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    Ichigo's GM Application

    Post  Ichigo Kurosaki on Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:35 am

    hello ppl of Bmon i am Ichigo Kurosaki, most of you do know me and i am applying for a gm position.

    Game Name- Ichigo Kurosaki

    Byond Key- Lord Choji

    What position you are trying to get- Gm Lvl 3

    How long do you play for a day- During the week 3-5(since i do have school). 4-7 on weekends.


    Paragraph of why you want to be gm-I want to be gm because i know how to take responsibility when needed. I work hard for my ranks as a gm on some games i start from the lowest ranking gm level and work my way up to the top. Anyways... Being gm means knowing when to enforce rules. So me being gm would enable me the powers keep this game running at top prefeciency(i think that is how it is spelled). I am not a kind of person who would try and help wen i see a owner or higher ranked gm on, i will help wen it is needed or required.

    List Experiences (Game name and Rank) -
    DBZ DA(Lv10)
    Naruto Secrets of Konoha(Lv 4)
    Bleach Shikai Wars(Lv4)
    Bleach Rise of Oblivion(Lvl 3)
    Naruto New Rising(Lvl 5)
    Naruto Akatsuki Chronicles(lvl 3)
    Pokemon Supernova(Lvl 5)
    There are more but i can't remember every game i have been gm on since a good few haven't been up in a while.

    Well this is my Gm Application thanks for reading it and hopefully i get gm.

    Wow i'm tired maybe i shouldnt make a gm application at night anymore. Sleep

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