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    Pheonix Gm app



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    Pheonix Gm app

    Post  Makenshi123 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:41 am

    InGame Name: Pheonix

    Byond Key: Blackpheonix176,Makenshi619

    Age: 13

    GameMaster Position: Lvl 1 admin or higher

    How often are I am online: 4hr or more

    Why you should pick me: u shud pick me cuz i have lots of experience as gm. I like to help ppl in da game and i want to enforce the rules of the games becuz the game is no fun wen ppl break rules. I have been owner of a naruto game and ive been co-owner of a bleach game(wasnt my freinds or relataives) ive also been gm in Dbz DA twice and naruto kyuubi rage along with 2 pokemon games pls accept my app thanks

    Pheonix Very Happy

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