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    Cero Gm app

    Post  Cero on Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:02 am

    Hello everyone who plays bmon my name is Cero,but most ppl already know that.
    Bmon name-Cero
    Byond key-King Dono
    Gm lvl i would like to have-lvl 3
    How long do u play this game?- i get home from school at 2:50 and from there i get on as much as i can
    How many games have u been gm on?-i have been only gm twice because both games shut down but maybe u can make that number 3 instead of 2.

    Games u have been gm-
    Naruto Days of war-lvl 5
    Naruto Shippuden best of the best-lvl 3

    Why do u want gm?-Well i like to help ppl because im on alot and when ppl need help i will help and i have the responsibility to take this task and become a very good gm i hope i get hired because i am the right man for the job!

    Well i guess thats it i really do hope i get gm i will put my strongest effort in to making this game the best ever!

    Thank you,Cero tongue Very Happy

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