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    Carla's Application^^ ~AKA~Priscilla2



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    Carla's Application^^ ~AKA~Priscilla2

    Post  Riful:OfTheWest on Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:20 am

    Game Name-Priscilla The Awakened Being Of The North

    Byond Key-Shenneneh
    What position you are trying to get (check GM list for open positions)-*Cough* the usual...level 5...

    How long do you play for a day- Four To Six Hours(If I Don't Have HW)

    Age(Real)-about to be 17...

    Paragraph of why you want to be gm-"I Feel Like That Admins and Other GM's Above that rank have been on 'less' Lately" and action needs to be taken and I'd really love to work for my Boyfr-I Mean Nero's and Frantz's Game

    List Experiences (Game name and Rank) -BuB lvl.5, Pokemon Aurora lvl.1, Applied For Bleach Turn the 'Something' Pendulum lvl.4 ETC.

    Have you even personally made Frantz mad?- (Entry From Diary.)

    September 25,2009

    "I, Carla, made a bad mistake by 'When I Was One Of The Main Owners Of Bleach Memories Of Nobody I, Banned(IP)FRANTZDUX...He Then Got Revenge By Sending a message on the game (Message From Host: AND I CAN DO THIS!! 'O.O' I reply)and he banned me from the game."~End Of Diary Entry

    If you Read(Red) My Diary Entry U DIE
    have nice day^^

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    Re: Carla's Application^^ ~AKA~Priscilla2

    Post  Sinkotsu on Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:15 am

    Read it :\ , You are not 17 -_-

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