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    Hanma Yujiro's Gm Application,



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    Hanma Yujiro's Gm Application,

    Post  OzzX on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:27 am

    Game Name- Hanma Yujiro

    Byond Key- Ozzking93

    What position you are trying to get (check GM list for open positions)- Gm or Enforcer.

    How long do you play for a day- usually from 11am till 3-4am depending on what happens.


    Paragraph of why you want to be gm- I would like to be a Gm to help when ever i am needed by the players or owners, so i can take care of the game that i love playing and keep it safe from spammers and anyone who tries to make the game less fun for other players.

    List Experiences (Game name and Rank) - Bleach Heaven vs Hell(Owner), Bleach Souls of Darkness(Enforcer), Dragonball Roaring Skies (Admin Level 6)

    I hope i am considered for Gm or Admin so i can help the game grow and bring in more players and keep it as fun as possible for everyone.

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