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    Why should i be a GM o.O



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    Why should i be a GM o.O

    Post  *Light on Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:27 am

    Game Name-Light

    Byond Key-Naruto1221221

    What position: Um Doesnt matter I just wanna help out XD

    How long do you play:Week Days 5:10-10:00 Weekends 10:00-When ever the game ends


    Paragraph of why you want to be GM:I love 2 helpp out on game like no joke
    i hate when pplz Break Rules.I was thinkin about being a Cop when i get older O.o.

    List Experiences:Naruto Secert Of Koanha lol i really Have alot of Exp for some reason Even tho XD lol Very Happy

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