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    Crookz Gm Applacation.



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    Crookz Gm Applacation.

    Post  Crookz on Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:52 am

    Why I Should Be A GM:I think I should become a GM because I am a really nice person ill help player whenever it is needed and i also have patients and I am also on alot not AFK much.I am also known by alot of people.And i don't ABUSE GM POWERS.This part has nothing to do with being a GM but im a FUNNY GUY

    Past Experience:The games i have been GM on are Naruto Chaos Unleashed 2 Bleach The Shattered Fate Of Ichigo and on Dragon Ball Z saiyan Revenge.As you can see I have alot of experience.

    KEY:Master demon 7

    Yours Trully,Crookz Very Happy Cool tongue

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