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    Gara2s Gm App

    Post  Gara2 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:31 am

    Character name: Gara2

    Key name:Gara2

    Age:15 clown

    GM Experience: Naruto FFA,Naruto GOA(Kage),Naruto Ninja Faith,Bleach Unleashed Bunkai, Bleach: The Shikai Wars,Those Are The Main ones i Still play most of them FFA went Down and i play others i have been Kage In Many Others But Those Are Mains Others aere little games:))

    Well to start off i have played this game a little while and i know most of the new players i also know alot of the people from bub so im pretty sure this will be a walk in the park to make friends,,,well im good at calming people down but i dont take shit i try my Hardest to NEVER resort to ban becuase getting banned is the worst feeling ever so its on a last resort im very calm and i dont lose my temper very fast i add comedy and fun to the game but at the same time im strict i memorized the rules and i know procedured i am on at night Late so i take the late night shift so to say and im on till about 5AM then i goto school and about 9PM im back on lol i respect athourity but i do have an opinon i have Gmed COuntless times in the past so i understand the system and i think abuse is just stupid i takes the fun out of the game and it make you look stupid plus you just lost a gift in the game i dont go mad with athourity i just want to make this game better and one of the ways a game is better is with good Gming i also always have a translator up so i can tell new people who dont speak english the rules and well that thier is nothing but english in OCCLol i also enjoy long walks on the beach and i dont give it up the first date....sorry i felt it fit the mood XD anyway if for no other reson just give me a chance i wont let you down

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